Artisan Horns custom 6D conversions – built to order

Since Armen started the business, he has focussed on two fronts: the rejuvenation / customisation of existing instruments and mouth-pipe design.

The 6D design was created in 1933 and became very popular professional instrument within US orchestras. This continued until a changed direction, which resulted in materials and build quality being directed to suit ‘student’ market.

Although this was a consideration for a period of time, in more recent times the 6D ‘chassis’ has proven to be an excellent design to adapt and customise.

With this in mind, Armen has further evolved and developed the design to incorporate his ideas for layout, bell taper and mouthpipe combinations, to produce a very flexible instrument, that can be built to suit a players individual requirements.

The original FE OLDS bells produce a sound very similar to Conn 8d (or similar bore instruments) However experiments with superb German hand made bells, his own hand made mouthpipe, branch and internal tubing has proven and produced instruments which are current and able to blend in orchestral and chamber settings.

The basis of these instruments is to use the original valve sections, built (whenever possible) in the 60’s and 70’s. These are beautifully made and with brand new, hand lapped valves are as dependable and reliable as any modern valve block.

From this point, the instruments are hand made with Artisan Horns bespoke parts.

Customers can choose the materials and mouthpipe combinations, however unless specifically requested, instruments are constructed with detachable flares.

Armen will be displaying these instruments in the forthcoming British Horn Society Festival on 13th November, at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

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