New Single Horn

Continuing on the success of Armen’s single B flat single horn design; this instrument was constructed using a salvaged Paxman medium bore bell.

In the early 90’s Paxman Musical Instruments Ltd. moved premises from Covent Garden (Langley Street) to Union Street, South of the River Thames. During the process, the company either scrapped or gave away a number of bells, which for various reasons were not used in constructing new horns. At the time, Paxman bells tended to be on the thicker side to modern trends. Therefore any which were deemed ‘too thin’ would have been discarded.

The medium bore bell used in this instance appears to be thin (not by modern standards) and was in excellent condition, after the patina was cleaned off. A new genuine branch was provided by Paxman’s and coupled with a complete reconditioning of an ‘F.E. OLDs valve set (new rotors and bronze top caps) and AH1 mouthpipe, this horn has turned to be an excellent instrument.

The resistance and tone quality could be comparable to a good Alexander 90. The range is even, with upper register notes just ‘ popping out’.

Armen built several single horns , whilst working for Paxman Ltd. However there was always a question of “can I make this better?” It appears that the combination of the iconic Paxman bell and Artisan Horns mouthpipe and wrap…the answer is “Yes!!”

Please not that an F extension can be provided for this instrument, at extra cost.

This horn is unlacquered and comes with Thomann detachable case

New Single Horn

This horn is the genesis of Artisan Horns!

Using the original F E Olds (medium large) nickel bell and single valve sections, Armen has built the horn using his unique own wrap. The result is a free blowing instrument with a dark and rich sound.

The horn is un-lacquered; a case can be provided at extra cost’

F extensions are built to order and at extra cost.



Please not that an F extension can be provided for this instrument, at extra cost.

This horn is unlacquered; instrument case can be provided at cost.

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