Yamaha 668N #020422 – Double French horn

Yamaha 668, based around the famous Kruspe wrap is a superb large bore instrument, capable of great depth and colour of sound.

This particular instrument is in very good condition.  It was bought from new by it’s current owner, but due to changing circumstances, they have decided to sell their ‘pride and joy’!

As a matter of course Artisan Horns have completed a full valve service and chemical clean, to insure long and reliable service.  Compression is excellent!

The lacquer on the instrument is in very good overall condition (only a few scratches here and there) The detachable bell ring is in perfect condition.

The horn comes with it’s original Yamaha flat case




Finke 63 double French Horn

This horn is a superb example of a Johannes Finke double French Horn. The instrument is medium bore, with Finke’s innovative composite valves, which are proven as light, fast, reliable and easy to maintain.

The horn is lacquered and apart from a couple of tiny marks, appears as new condition.

Finke horns are not well known in UK. However they are an established family run company, who have proven that their excellent design, craftsmanship, light weight and focussed rich sound can be on par (and exceed) any other well known professional brand on the market today.

Finke marks the model 63 as the start point of their range. It is a profession horn and displays all the excellent build quality and playability of their more expensive instruments. The instrument has a clear open and focused sound, with an even scale throughout the range.

This instrument is a definite consideration for anyone looking to purchase a top quality German made instrument.

As standard, Artisan Horns have chemically cleaned the instrument and conducted (as appropriate with composite valves) valve service.



Holton 180 – Double French horn

This instrument is a fine example of a vintage Holton double horn, built between 1972 and 1973.

Holton as a brand ceased to exist from 2008, having been first  Acquired by Steinway Musical Instruments Conn Selmer Division in 2004.

There is a marked difference in character and build quality of the earlier Holton instruments. This particular example has a very nice rounded and centred tone.

It’s unlacquered yellow brass, with the only evidence of any notable repair being the very small bell rim patch.

Otherwise despite it’s age,  this instrument is in very good condition.

The horn has been chemically cleaned and had an Artisan Horns valve service completed. The result is an instrument with very good valve compression.





King ‘Eroica’ # 698446

King ”Eroica’ once boasted having the largest bell throat in the business (Paxman XL may have possibly matched the design).

However the Eroica can be described as one of the most free blowing instruments created, with a tone and balance that would match any 8d! (Conn subsequently bought KING musical instruments and discontinued the production of the Eroica, making these very sought after instruments)

This particular instrument is in immaculate condition. Some years ago Paxman’s Musical Instruments fitted one of their detachable rings to the instrument, reconditioned and re-laquered its. It’s owner was a professional hornist who had kept it as ‘a spare instrument’. However since retiring from full time playing, they have decided to find a new home for it.

The horn has a surprisingly centred, warm tone, more akin to a smaller instrument, but equally it will allow effortless fortissimo playing. This really is a wonderful example of a KING ‘Eroica’.

Please note that this instrument comes with a fixed bell case only


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