Paxman Series 2 – double horn

This instrument was the Paxman equivalent to an intermediate double French Horn. However, apart from the Kalison bell, the rest of the instrument was constructed exactly the same as the model 20 design of the time.

This particular example was bought and left unused by it’s current owner for a great number of years and apart from the patchy lacquer, the instrument itself is in great order.

It has been chemically cleaned and full valve service completed. Given that it was hardly used, the valves are in excellent condition and hold great compression.

Paxman hard case included in this sale.

Alexander Gebr. compensating double horn

This instrument was built by Alexander Gebr. around the 1950’s, as indicated by the shape of the stays and ferrules. At the time stamping serial numbers was not standardized; it is therefore not possible to ascertain an exact production date. However George Philip Alexander confirms the horn as one of theirs.

The horn arrived at Artisan Horns in very good condition, but I had to extend tubing to correct tuning to 440Hz. I also replaced the original mouth pipe with one of mine, to open up the sound, more in line with current expectations.

The horns middle to upper register are excellent, but the surprise (for a compensator) is the lower range. This is now very open and resonant, making this instrument a very worthy consideration as a lighter alternative to a full double horn.

Artisan Horns custom rebuild – Yamaha 561

Yamaha 561 was the ‘student’ version of the 666 design, which (along with the 666) was produced  for only a short few years.

The instrument arrived from the US and was on the face of it OK, but the valves had been mistreated and were very worn. The bell was serviceable, but not ideal and other parts had  worn through with player’s sweat. Armen therefore proceeded to completely dismantle the instrument and began to rebuild with what is the pinnacle ideology of Artisan Horns. “New life for old horns”

With this in mind, the following works were carried out:

The valve block itself was in very good condition (including the slide bows, but not legs) Armen has close links with UK engineer; therefore a brand new set of valves were CNC machined and hand lapped in, for exact tolerance and all slide legs replaced, to allow smooth and secure fit.

Brand new hand made US bell, cut and fitted with Alexander ring. The bell and flare were then hand thinned and polished to allow better resonance.

Bell branch, internal tubing and Armen’s AH3 mouth-pipe were hand bent to  replace all the worn parts.

The result of this work, is an instrument that plays with a clear bright sound; all notes are centered and focused.

Conn 8D double French horn Gold brass

This instrument was bought from new by it’s current owner, in the mid 80’s.

It has been played regularly and although it appears to have 3 tone tube colours, it is in fact a nickel silver corpus with gold brass bell, which has been sprayed over with a yellow tint lacquer.

Despite it’s age, this horn is in very good condition; valve compression is also very good, as the owner was meticulous in looking after their instrument. They are now down sizing their collection, hence the sale

As standard, the instrument has been chemically cleaned and had full Artisan Horns valve service completed.

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Paxman model 23 Europa double French horn Gold brass

This instrument was built and supplied by Paxman Musical Instruments Ltd. directly for it’s current owner in 2004.

The Europa bell was designed by Bob Paxman in the mid 1990’s and was designed as a ‘medium / large’ bore, to complement the existing Paxman range of bells.

This instrument has a very free blowing feel across it’s range. Model 23 was a success, but on some of the instruments built, tuning could be an issue. Luckily for this particular instrument, those issues are not evident!

The horn is in good condition; chemically cleaned and full Artisan Horns valve service completed.

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