Secondhand Double Horn

C.G CONN *8D ‘Vintage’ Series

This instrument arrived at Artisan Horns in good condition, however it was lacking in the famous CONN 8D full and dark sound, with issues in the upper register, where some notes were not slotting into place.

The horn was subsequently customised and fitted with Artisan Horns AH1 mouth pipe, which not only opened out the sound to the expected 8D tone; the upper register notes now slot precisely. The lower middle and lower registers are also more open, but with a more focused front, allowing for clear piano and full bodies fortissimo sounds to be played with ease.

The horn is un-laquered and in excellent condition. Valves were serviced at the point of customisation.

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Secondhand Double Horn

‘As new’ un-laquered Holton 179 with yellow brass bell and mouthpipe.

This instrument was upcycled from all genuine Holton parts to create an excellent alternative to the renowned ‘Farkas’ model. The instrument has been fitted with Alexander compatible detachable bell ring.  Valve compression is excellent.

The horn produces a dark and rich sound, very similar to Conn 8D

Case included


Secondhand Double Horn

Paxman 20M #3393T gold brass, lacquered, titanium valves with mechanical action.

This horn is an excellent example of Paxman 20M. The bell was made by master London bell maker ‘David Botwe’ and has been carefully assembled by Paxman craftsman.

The horn has been kept in very good condition; valve compression is excellent and there are only a few dent marks apparent. There is some lacquer wear inside the bell, otherwise lacquer is in good condition.

The horn blows freely and in tune.

Secondhand Double Horn

Paxman 25L #4225 yellow brass, lacquered, brass valves with string action.

Model 25 was designed and developed by Bob Paxman in the early 90’s. The dual bore concept was developed, in order to improve and ‘Equalise’ the resistance between the F and B flat side of the double Frenchy Horn. This was indeed achieved and coupled with the Paxman large bore bell, this instrument has an easy, free blowing feel to it. Certainly an excellent consideration for low horn players.

The overall condition of the horn is good, with signs of lacquer wear and minor dent repairs. Otherwise the valves have excellent compression.

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