Hand made ‘Hand horn’ crook couplers – made to customer specifications

These hand horn couplers are hand made (on machine lathe) to customer specifications. They can be made to any size as required.

Artisan Horns custom trumpet leadpipes

Further to the success of Artisan Horns French Horn lead pipes, Armen has developed a custom leadpipe especially for the Bach Stradivarius trumpet range (silver plated instrument)

The pipe not only enriched and focussed the sound, but also gave quicker response and projection for the player.

The custom lead pipe was also fitted to a fully customised Boosey and Hawkes 78 trumpet.

The original instrument was considered (at the time of production by B&H) to be a beginner / intermediate instrument. However Armen has transformed the horn into something worthy of professional use. The smaller bore would usually suggest a brighter, possibly thinner sound., but the combination of bell thinning, adjustable tuning slides and custom pipe has produced a horn that sounds very similar to a Strad with 37 bell…

Bespoke design violin shoulder rests

Artisan Horns are specialists in building and repairing French Horns, however occasionally we are asked to make ‘something different’!


A friend of the company is a solo violinist and having experienced numerous issues with mass produced “off the shelf” products, they approached us to make something bespoke, to fit their instrument and playing posture exactly.

The result was inspired by an old wooden bridge design originally created by E R VOIGT and Sons Ltd. which are no longer produced.

Further to the delight and success of our design, these shoulder rests can be ordered directly from us, as bespoke items.

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