Armen Boldy
Founder & Owner of Artisan Horns

About Artisan Horns

Artisan Horns was conceived by it’s owner Armen Boldy, who learned the craft of horn making and repair whilst working at Paxman Musical Instruments Ltd, from the late 1980s onwards.


Armen actually began his career as apprentice oboe maker in the early 1980s and was employed by Howarth of London. However, being a horn player himself, Armen found the allure of becoming a ‘horn maker’ too much to resist, when Paxman offered him a job!

Now over 40 years later and with a diverse and varied career as a craftsman, a chance encounter with David Baldwin of ‘Healing Horns – USA’ hatched the idea to create professional quality French Horns from the abundant source American instruments, such as the Conn / F E Olds 6D models.


Armen’s vision to ‘upcycle’ such instruments is not only based on rejuvenating instruments, but also as an opportunity to enhance and elevate their quality and playing capabilities to professional standards.


This is achieved by combining the best original instrument parts with reworked bells / branches, handmade tubing and bespoke Artisan Horns mouth pipes. The AH series mouth pipes have in particular proven themselves key, in enhancing an instrument’s playability in regards to pitch and slotting of notes.


In the development of the AH mouth pipe range, Armen has worked closely with World renowned horn player and teacher, Tony Halstead, who is very much an exponent of Conn 8D. Their combined design ideas have produced the current range of AH series pipes, which not only resolve known Conn 8D issues, but are the basis of Artisan Horns customisation service.


Armen continues his work in developing the AH range of mouth pipes, in order to provide a totally flexible service for customer requirements.

Our Services

Whether you require a bespoke instrument or repairs, from dents to complete overhauls and re-builds, Artisan Horns are able to offer a personal yet professional service that is of the highest standard.

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