Armen Boldy
Founder & Owner of Artisan Horns

About Artisan Horns

Artisan Horns was conceived by it’s owner Armen Boldy, who learned the craft horn making and repair whilst working at Paxman Musical Instruments Ltd, from the late 1980’s onwards.


Armen actually began his career as apprentice oboe maker in the early 1980’s and was employed by Howarth of London. However, being a horn player himself, Armen found the allure of becoming a ‘horn maker’ too much to resist, when Paxman offered him a job!

Now over 40 years later and with a diverse and varied career as craftsman, a chance encounter with David Baldwin of ‘Healing Horns’ USA hatched the idea to create professional French Horns from the abundant source of quality US manufactured instruments, which were designed in the early to mid part of the 20th Century.


Armen has found particular favour with F.E Olds French Horns, which although may be up to 70 or so years old and at times seemingly ‘unloved’; their quality of manufacture and actual brass allows them to be re-worked and rebuilt into superb, professional instruments.


This is enhanced by Armen’s contribution of tubing layout, hand made mouth pipes and bell branches, which are made to suit the bells dimensions exactly. Valve block are also checked for compression and if necessary new valves are machined and fitted, to ensure smooth action and  excellent compression.

Our Services

Whether you require a bespoke instrument or repairs, from dents to complete overhauls and re-builds, Artisan Horns are able to offer a personal yet professional service that is of the highest standard.

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